BNO 英國海外國民

British National Overseas (BNO) 英國海外國民


我們可以為利用英國國民(海外)護照(BNO)簽證到達英國的香港人及其家屬提供會計及報稅服務。 我們擁有為來自香港及亞洲地區人士提供會計及報稅服務豐富的經驗, 以務實ˎ誠懇的態度致力為所有客戶提供合適的會計服務。


  • 在英國以外有收入
  • 在英國買樓自住或放租
  • 擁有公司或自僱
  • 有關成立公司方面需要顧問
  • 需要釐定稅務居民(身份)ˎ 匯入準則下報稅
  • 遺產稅或資產增值稅等稅項上需要報稅或稅務策劃


如有查詢, 歡迎以此頁底段列出之聯絡方式聯絡鄧會計。

A warm welcome to the United Kingdom.

As the UK creates a British National Overseas (BNO) visa for British nationals (overseas) and their close family members from January 2021, we are looking at all options to help support people who are making use of this new immigration route.

Our commitment to client’s needs means we deliver — high quality services with integrity, reliability and efficiency.

We have extensive experience in helping private clients from Hong Kong and ASEAN countries with purchasing property in the UK and giving relevant tax advice.

We focus on what is deliverable – services tailored to your requirements, and cost-effective for your purposes. We believe in plain-speaking, and our focus on ‘deliverables’ has meant that we have not always been able to accept an engagement.

Our core business is servicing our clients in meeting their accounting and tax compliance requirements. We also offer support and advisory services in helping our clients through the stages of the business life-cycle, purchasing property and in planning the future for themselves and the family.

Drawing upon our UK tax filing expertise, we would be able to assist individuals seeking taxation advice regarding:

  • Globally sourced income (e.g. rental income from Hong Kong)
  • Buy-to-let properties or property as a main home in UK
  • Income from Self-employment/ investment portfolio
  • Business start-up advisory
  • Tax residence/ tax domicile/ remittance basis
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax

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